• Curriculum Design

Three prestigious business schools of the country are enjoying the benefits of curriculum designed by Raoji’s academics and educationists.

  • Students’ Career Counseling

Young people of the country living in Pakistan or abroad may either write to us about their career problems via e-mail; or can obtain appointment with our academics. Students between 16 and 27 can also seek advice and counseling of our academics about their education and career. They can e-mail or write about their problems in not more than 50 words and can seek appointment with our academics to discuss their problems and opportunities. No fee is charged for this service from the students/parents or the advice seekers. We have helped students getting degrees and also studying in and out of Pakistan, many of them in world class universities of Europe and USA.

Make an appointment

Writing very briefly about your problem in advance will facilitate the company to arrange appointment with the relevant academic or professional.



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