By spinning off your shares department to Raoji, you not only improve the quality of service to the owners and management of your company, rather you comply with Section 204A of Companies Ordinance 1984. Also, you add additional feature in corporate governance to the control and risk management of your enterprise. By outsourcing your shares department you save on cost as well of this function besides improving the service to shareholders and your company’s management.

Besides listed companies, non-listed public companies and private companies can also avail our custodial and secretarial services for transparency and better corporate governance.

Raoji provides this service through state of the art technology researched by CCG of Florida USA, time tested software, expertise of local chartered and management accountants and corporate lawyers of their own class. Security of your data and trust of the clients is never compromised at Raoji. These objectives are achieved through highly qualified professional and state of the art technology.

Raoji Consulting Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. is presently implementing ISO 9001 quality management system for world class share registrar and transfer agent services to our clients. After completing 9001 compliance process, we will immediately start ISO 27001 certification. The two certifications will raise the bar of quality and enable the two arms of the company to introduce e-services for our valued clients for their convenience.

Our location, in the heart of business district of Pakistan’s largest city makes it convenient for you and your shareholders to avail the share registrar and transfer services with minimum inconvenience. We strive to take out as much hassle as possible from registrar services for our clients.

10 Compelling reasons to outsource your shares and Registrar Services to Raoji

By outsourcing, you can: 

  1. Reduce overheads, free up resources for alternative use
  2. Minimize capital expenditure
  3. Eliminate investment in fixed infrastructure
  4. Offload non-core functions from your business
  5. Redirect energy and personnel into the core business
  6. Free your executive team from day-to-day process problems
  7. Focus scarce resources on mission-critical projects
  8. Get access to specialized skills
  9. Reduce need for internal commitment of specialists
  10. Save on manpower and training costs
  11. Control operating costs

We provide you:

  • Stock Exchange Listing Facilitation
  • Total Management of IPO and Balloting
  • Shares Transfer, deeds verifications and maintenance of statutory books
  • Handle cases of lost, destroyed or stolen certificates
  • Cash and stock Dividend Management
  • Conversions, consolidations and split-offs
  • AGM and other corporate events management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Certificate Processing
    1. Issuance by cancellation tracking
    2. Customized transfer journals
    3. Registrar control reports
    4. Integrated book-entry
    5. SECP turnaround tracking
  • Arrange for transfer agent liability insurance “Errors and Omissions Insurance” at your option