For Pakistan, software exports is an attractive option for creating large number of
jobs in the economy and for solving the budget deficit problem through foreign
exchange earnings. Experience of India and other developing countries shows that
these objectives are achievable. However, this requires a concerted effort among
major players in the software sector that include government, software houses,
marketers, universities, educational institutions and financiers. This report details
the role of each of these major players in the context of software characteristics,
dynamics and trends that are driving the industry. It proposes several strategies
and plans for enhancing the software exports. These include collaborations
strategies among the major players, strategic plans for software houses and plan
for entering foreign markets. The report contains a survey of software houses in
Pakistan. It also contains case studies of prominent software exporter and
importer countries. These studies were used to determine the critical success
factors, strategies, and suggestions presented in this report. The report ends with a
list of recommendations for boosting software exports from Pakistan.

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As global economy makes a transition from industrial age to information age,
several technologies are converging together creating host of new possibilities and
opportunities. Technologies employed in communications, satellites, networks,
telephone, video, audio systems are getting digitized and thus converging into
computer technology. Through this massive transition, only those nations would
progress that are appropriately poised to take advantage of these trends. Software
is the glue that helps in integrating these technologies in systems that provide
competitive advantage to nations as well as businesses. This section describes
critical success factors for software exports, software characteristics and some
major software trends and dynamics.

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